Digital Buoys..

Ah..  back in early July, summer holidays after a manic school year…. 2 -ish months to really catch up on the literature! No excuses..

But….where to start? Where to venture and how far ? More to the point..could I find my way back again?! A few buoys were needed… digital ones.


First up, Endnote Web.. genius, and available to me via my university online. It took a bit of jigging and tweeking but I quickly discovered 3 useful tricks: 1) Input all my references – TAGGED-saving hours of work; 2) Export some / all references into an (editable) bibliography in MS Word (even on a Mac) and 3) Cite-as-I-write in Word docs..  very cool tool (whenever I’ll need it).

Second, Evernote .. A fab (free) piece of software for writing all my notes, TAGGING them, grouping, emailing/sharing, uploads, downloads.. you name it, it does it. It can even sync to other devices eg via an app and be read offline / mobile.

Finally, Dropbox (Also free) and my ‘Back Up’ heaven.. so I have no excuse to ever lose a bibliography or another note again. I can access it anywhere with internet and share/collaborate documents, photos, videos etc

So that’s it.. all set on the reading front..Losing myself in the literature has been rather interesting over the last few weeks, but at this stage of the adventure, I’m glad I left a trail back to base.

Writing..? Well, that’s all for another summer wave I reckon 🙂

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Shake, Rattle and Hum

..My shaking nerves and rattling knees…But a hum of support from a hugely encouraging gathering of some of Ireland’s finest in the world of academia.. I am of course referring to the ‘Educational Studies Association of Ireland’ (ESAI) conference 2011 at which I presented last weekend, supported by my supervisor.. 2 great days of engaging presentations; challenging questions; heated debates; interesting ideas; email exchanges; banter – lots of it – ; coffee – lots more – ; and of course.. the video clip that wouldn’t play for me on the day! There’s always one!.. Here’s the full version..

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Don’t look down..

To me, this photo – which I took from the ‘other side’ of the Carrick-A-Rede ROPE Bridge in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland – says a bit about starting out on the PhD ‘journey’… challenges.. uncertainties.. fear of putting a foot wrong.. it’s a long way down.. But hopefully if I make it to the other side (and back!) it’ll have been worth it!

And from another perspective..

(*this photo is compliments of Google Images!)


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Off the blocks..

Well…it’s been a bit of an eventful start to PhD life….but I’m off the blocks… I reckon there’ll be a few of ‘these’ days..

..and not so many of these..

Questions will be endless….but if I find some interesting links, tips or tweets along the way.. I’ll share them here 🙂

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